On March 2, 2010, seven new Aztec maps and two time-limited Mysterious maps were released. The 7 new Aztec maps were: Lake Texcoco, Old Kulkulkan, Old Teocalli, Road To Tula, Tenochtitlan, Tlaloc Temple and Tomb Of Death. The 2 new Mysterious maps were Bermuda Triangle and Octopus Island.

No new treasure sets were released with the new maps.

Bermuda Triangle Edit

Bermuda Triangle locked

Lake Texcoco Edit

Lake Texcoco locked

Octopus Island Edit

Octopus Island

Old Kulkulkan Edit

File:Old Kulkulkan locked.jpg

Old Teocalli Edit

File:Old Teocalli locked.jpg

Road To Tula Edit

File:Road To Tula locked.jpg

Tenochtitlan Edit

File:Tenochtitlan locked.jpg

Tlaloc Temple Edit

Tlaloc Temple

Tomb Of Death Edit

File:Tomb Of Death.jpg

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