On January 29, 2010, eight new maps were released. The first map released was a Golden map, and titled Sinking World. It was a limited-time release, lasting less than three days, and disappeared on February 1, 2010. At the time, it was the largest map released, with 969 tiles to dig.

The other seven maps were small Golden maps and Fruity maps. The Golden maps were titled: Fortune Lake, Golden Road, Golden Swamp, and Offering Altar. The Fruity maps were titled: Banana Plane, Fruity Island, and Fruity Island 2

Banana Plane Edit

Banana Plane

Fortune Lake Edit

Fortune Lake

Fruity Island Edit

Fruity Island

Fruity Island 2 Edit

Fruity Island 2

Golden Road Edit

Golden Road

Golden Swamp Edit

Golden Swamp

Offering Altar Edit

Offering Altar

Sinking World Edit

Sinking World