On January 27, 2010, twelve new maps were released. Six of these maps were Mayan maps. Two new map types, Fruity maps and Golden maps were introduced, with three maps of each type released. The Fruity and Golden maps cost MU$ to purchase. Also introduced this release were "inland" maps, with undiggable tree tiles instead of water tiles.

The Mayan maps released were Lost Fort, The Estuary, Chess Island, Ancient Road, Jungle Maze, and Lost City. The Fruity maps released were Cake Bay, Coco Atoll, and Watermelon Creek. The Golden maps released were Chest Bay, Lost Temple, and Lucky Coin Island. There were also two new treasure sets released as well. These newly released sets were: Benevolent Maya gods and Malevolent Maya gods. Another change to the game that was made with this release was the option to redo a map when all maps were finished. Any redone map only had treasure to dig up, no gold or fruit.

Ancient Road Edit

Ancient Road locked

Cake Bay Edit

Cake Bay locked

Chess Island Edit

Chess Island locked

Chest Bay Edit

File:Chest Bay locked.jpg

Coco Atoll Edit

File:Coco Atoll locked.jpg

Jungle Maze Edit

Jungle Maze locked

Lost City Edit

Lost City locked

Lost Fort Edit

Lost Fort

Lost Temple Edit

Lost Temple

Lucky Coin Island Edit

File:Lucky Coin Island locked.jpg

The Estuary Edit

The Estuary locked

Watermelon Creek Edit

Watermelon Creek locked