Pizarro's last wishes

On January 18, 2010, four new maps were released. These maps were Ammonite Island, Rotten Bone Island, Rusy Nail Island, and Seashell Island. There were also 10 new treasure sets released as well. These newly released sets were: Conquistador objects, Dinosaur parts, Maya ceremonial items, Maya fashion clothes, Natural minerals, Olmec ceramic statues, Unexpected artifacts and the three preview sets Inca golden objects, Inti, and Lost common things. Another change to the game that was made with this release was that some items had their rarities changed. Some went up, while others went down. No change was greater than +/-3.

Ammonite IslandEdit

Ammonite Island locked

Rotten Bone IslandEdit

Rotten Bone Island locked

Rusty Nail IslandEdit

Rusty Nail Island locked

Seashell IslandEdit

Seashell Island locked