Fruity Island was one of eight maps released into the game on January 29, 2010. It has no locked areas.

Fruity Island

Island StatisticsEdit

  • Type of map: Fruity
  • Cost: 4 MU$
  • Level required: 5
  • Number of spaces: 44
  • Treasure density: Unlikely
  • Sample number of treasure tiles: 0
  • Gold density: Unlikely
  • Sample number of gold tiles: 0
  • Sample amount of gold found: 0 GP
  • Tiles requiring contractors: 0

Items Discovered on Fruity IslandEdit

(Please note that this is a sampling, and is not meant to be exhaustive.)

  • No treasures are found on this map, as it is a Fruity map. Below is a sampling of the fruit found on this map:
  • Kiwi: 1
  • Banana: 7
  • Mango: 10
  • Coconut: 7
  • Watermelon: 5

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