Fruit can be eaten during the game in order to gain Health Points. Fruit can be discovered by digging and searching in the various maps, awarded through a bonus mini-game when gaining a new mini-game rank, or received as a gift from team members. Currently there are five different types of fruit, each allowing the player to gain a different amount of Health Points. When the player receives fruit, they may either eat it right away or choose to store it with their supplies.



Text: Eat this gigantic watermelon to gain 30 HP.



Text: That's a big coconut. It will give you +25 HP!



Text: Eat this juicy mango to gain 20 HP.



Text: A sweet banana! Gives you back 15 HP when eaten.



Text: A fresh kiwi! Eat it to gain 10 HP.

Other FruitEdit

Other types of fruit can be seen in the mini-game Fruittle, such as a papaya, limes, and pineapple. These are not available in the main game for Health points, however.

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