On February 24, 2010, seven new Inca maps and two time-limited Mysterious maps were released. The 7 new Inca maps were: Cross Roads, Cuzco Ruins, Inca Ruins, Lost Meadow, Nazca Lines, Old Inca Road, and Ruined Road. The 2 new Mysterious maps were Anchor Island and Bottle Island.

Released were also several new Inca treasure sets, including: Inca architecture, Inca battle weapons, Inca goddesses, Inca gods, Inca herbs, Inca hunting tools, Inca medicine, Inca monarchs, Inca mysteries, Inca weather gods, and Royal Inca jewellery.

Anchor Island Edit

Anchor Island

Bottle Island Edit

Bottle Island

Cross Roads Edit

Cross Roads locked

Cuzco Ruins Edit

Cuzco Ruins locked

Inca Ruins Edit

Inca Ruins locked

Lost Meadow Edit

Lost Meadow locked

Nazca Lines Edit

Nazca Lines locked

Old Inca Road Edit

Old Inca Road locked

Ruined Road Edit

Ruined Road

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