On December 30, 2009, five new maps were released. These five maps were Branched Island (originally misspelled as "Banched Island"), Dumbbell Island, Gift Island, Medium Island, and Necklace Island. Gift Island was the last of the limited Christmas maps to be released, with only a little over 5 days given to complete it. The other four islands were the first Mayan maps in the game. Introduced with this release were 7 new Mayan and Olmec treasures sets: Mayan Gods of Death and War, Long Count Calendar, Olmec jade artifacts, Mayan golden jewels, Mayan masks, Mayan dishes, and Olmec heads. Most difficult to find of these sets were the Long Count Calendar pieces, which were randomly generated. This caused some players to complete the islands and not discover a single pieces with which to open the set. Because of this rarity, Calendar pieces were often traded for more than one of the Aztec Lost Gods, the previously most-needed set.

Branched IslandEdit

Branched Island locked

Dumbbell IslandEdit

Dumbbell Island locked

Gift IslandEdit

Gift Island locked

Medium IslandEdit

Medium Island

Necklace IslandEdit

Necklace Island locked