Bermuda Triangle was one of nine maps released into the game on March 2, 2010. It was as limited-time map, disappearing March 11, 2010. It had three locked areas, requiring an anteater, 2 snake antivenom, and 2 spider antivenom to open.

Bermuda Triangle locked

Locked map

Bermuda Triangle unlocked

Unlocked map

Island StatisticsEdit

  • Type of map: Mysterious
  • Number of spaces: 261
  • Treasure density: High
  • Sample number of treasure tiles: 26
  • Gold density: Average
  • Sample number of gold tiles: 39
  • Sample amount of gold found: 19507 GP
  • Tiles requiring contractors: None

Items Discovered on Bermuda TriangleEdit

(Please note that this is a sampling, and is not meant to be exhaustive.)