Pirate egg

April 7, 2010, brought the final 4 Easter maps to the game. They were: Pask Island, Paske Island, Paskha Island and Sugar Island. Also released were 4 Conquistador maps (Crescent Cove, Invaded Beach, Southern Bay, and The Old Coast), 3 new Maya maps (Lost Uxmal, Maya Waters, and Old Calakmul), and 2 new Pirate maps (Buckler's Bay and Cannon Island) for players to explore. Four other previously-released maps (Far Island, Pirate's Bottle, Pirate's Sword, and Witch Island) were redesigned as Pirate maps.

With this release, all treasure sets, regardless of their items' rarity, now earned players 1MU$ when securing them with the museum.

Buckler's Bay Edit

Buckler's Bay locked

Cannon Island Edit

Cannon Island locked

Crescent Cove Edit

File:Crescent Cove locked.jpg

Far Island (redesigned) Edit

Far Island redesigned locked

Invaded Beach Edit

File:Invaded Beach locked.jpg

Lost Uxmal Edit

File:Lost Uxmal locked.jpg

Maya Waters Edit

File:Maya Waters locked.jpg

Old Calakmul Edit

File:Old Calakmul locked.jpg

Pask Island Edit

Pask Island locked

Paske Island Edit

Paske Island locked

Paskha Island Edit

Paskha Island locked

Pirate's Bottle (redesigned)Edit

Pirate's Bottle redesigned locked

Pirate's Sword (redesigned)Edit

File:Pirate's Sword redesigned locked.jpg

Southern Bay Edit

File:Southern Bay locked.jpg

Sugar Island Edit

Sugar Island locked

The Old Coast Edit

File:The Old Coast locked.jpg

Witch Island (redesigned) Edit

File:Witch Island redesigned locked.jpg