2010 Island was a special map released into the game on January 21, 2010. It has one locked area, requiring 10 snake antivenom to open. Like the , 2010 Island was only available to players for a limited time, disappearing on February 1, 2010. Available only on this map were the New year runes: Aztec TM, Olmec Two, Natural Zero, Inca One, and Arawak Zero.

2010 Island locked

Locked map

2010 Island unlocked

Unlocked map

Island StatisticsEdit

  • Map cost: Free
  • Level requirement: None
  • Type of map: Special
  • Number of spaces: 427
  • Treasure density: Low
  • Sample number of treasure tiles: 36
  • Gold density: Average
  • Sample number of gold tiles: 55
  • Sample amount of gold found: 26755 GP
  • Tiles requiring contractors: 8
  • Number of contractors needed: 52

Items Discovered on 2010 IslandEdit

(Please note that this is a sampling, and is not meant to be exhaustive.)